Minimum Environmental Criteria

 C.A.M. (Minimum Environmental Criteria) are a tool of the National Action Plan on green procurement in the Public Administration (PAN GPP) and define precisely the environmental criteria that must be included in the public purchasing procedures.

Starting from  Dlgs. 50/2016 "New procurement code" as later amended (Dgls 56/2017), the application of the C.A.M. in force becomes mandatory for all purchase procedures.
This means that all procurement procedures for supplies, jobs or services in the sectors in which CAMs have been published will have to take into account these environmental criteria.

At the moment 2 CAM deal with lubricants:

Minimum Environmental Criteria for the assignment of design services and works for the new construction, renovation and maintenance of public buildings (D.M. 11 October 2017) - CAM construction
Minimum Environmental Criteria for the acquisition of vehicles used for road transport (D.M. 8 May 2012, amended by DM 30 November 2013

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Minumum Environmental Criteria for buildings (D.M. October 11st 2017)
Ministerial Decree January 11, 2017 and later amended by Ministerial Decree October 11, 2017, issued the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) for the construction sector, which also deal with environmental aspects in the selection of lubricants.
The document requires that the use of lubricants contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and / or the reduction of waste produced in vehicles and construction machinery be included as a contract clause for the winning public procurement companies for the construction of buildings. Two types of lubricants are accepted: biodegradable oils and greases and regenerated oils.
CAM Construction specifically defines the percentages of biodegradability or regenerated base allowed and the related mean of proof.

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A change in progress

Since the approval of CAM Construction dozens of public contracts that require the use of ecological lubricants have already been published .
Already in the tender phase, the participating companies must submit a declaration from the manufacturer stating the correspondence of the lubricants to the listed criteria, with the possibility of exclusion from the tender in case of lack or inadequacy of the documents.
During the execution of the work, the company must also present to the contracting authority the list of lubricants used on the construction site accompanied by adequate means of proof certifying the compliance of the lubricants with the criteria.

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To help companies adapt to this new legislation, PANOLIN has prepared a complete package of lubricants that meet the criteria of CAM Construction for all applications and viscosities useful in a building site.
PANOLIN is the world's leading Swiss company in the field of quality biodegradable lubricants, with over 30 years experience in the lubrication of mobile machines.
PANOLIN ECLs (Environmentally Considered Lubricants) products are developed on the basis of a concept of sustainability that combines technology, economy and respect for the environment.
PANOLIN ECLs oils and greases are completely synthetic and biodegradable lubricants based on saturated esters that guarantee the best performance. As evidenced by the numerous approvals received, we are talking about a safe and consolidated product as well as performing.
The long life of PANOLIN ECLs products guarantees a considerable reduction in operating costs, limiting machine downtimes and reducing maintenance costs.
All this combined with the respect of the highest environmental standards proven by the possession of some of the most stringent internationally recognized certifications: European Ecolabel, Blauer Engel, USDA Biopreferred, Swedish standard.

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PANOLIN biodegradable hydraulic fluids have received the approvals of the main manufacturers of hydraulic components. Among others: Bosch Rexroth, Eaton Vickers, Danfoss, Denison, Parker, Casappa, Marzocchi ..
PANOLIN HLP SYNTH biodegradable hydraulic fluid is the only biodegradable oil to be registered by Rexroth in the RDE 90235 fluid rating list, surpassing the most demanding tests on the market.
PANOLIN BIOMOT rapidly biodegradable engine oils, reach the performance levels required for example by Deutz, MAN, Caterpillar, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Cummins, MTU and Renault.

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