The EU Ecolabel is currently the most rigorous and prestigious eco-label: it guarantees that a product or service are subject to strict standards and have  a reduced environmental impact by assessing their entire life cycle.

In consideration of the goals of facing global warming,  reducing CO2 emissions and  saving of energy resources, Europe is focusing a great deal over EU Ecolabel, striving to spread as much as possible the knowledge of this label and the characteristics of certified products in order to encourage citizens and companies to use them. The process, slowly but relentlessy, is involving both the public organizations (think for example to the rules on European public procurement), than  citizens and companies.

Promotional initiatives to spread awareness of the brand, explicitly provided for by Regulation 66/2010, have so far been carried out through cooperation between Competent Bodies and retailers, manufacturers and consumer associations across Europe and, although the financial resources in support of such initiatives are limited, the possibilities offered by new technologies and the network have made possible to implement communication plans and marketing even with low budgets.
Let's see some.
The web site is the site dedicated to this certification. Here you can find all the information on it: regulatory updates, list of manufacturers and certified products, calendar with some of the most significant events dedicated to it.
Social Networking: the EMAS  & EUECOLABEL FB profile and twitter account are used for informational purposes and have the ability to reach a wide audience with virtually no investment.
The European Union also uses the YouTube platform to upload information and promotional videos.

Also locally  there are multiplied communication initiatives regarding Italy, for example, the ISPRA Organization in collaboration with the Committee for the granting of the trademark, produces and distributes promotional material and, above all, since many years  organizes meetings with primary schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. It is on going a the project of  an app for smartphones that will provide information on products and services certified EU Ecolabel.

From the experiences and testimonies gathered, some interesting ideas have emerged: the idea of setting up e-commerce platforms  exclusively dedicated to the EU Ecolabel certified products, which provide a loyalty program using point collection cards with final prize; the revival of the " ECOLABEL month " with various initiatives coordinated at national level; the free distribution of single-serving samples of products for special occasions.
A recent and comprehensive overview of all the steps taken to raise awareness of the EU Ecolabel logo is provided by this document realized by ISPRA in collaboration with some regional ARPA and APPA.