Notizie dal TEAM 505

Mantova 22th of May - Third stage of the Italian Championship

It starts in Mantova  the third round of the Italian Championship in the International  motocross track. After a difficult Saturday because of the injury of Michele’s hand and also for the not perfect physical  conditions of Riccardo, Sunday was a great day rich in good indications.
In both of the two races, Michele reveled his very good resistance instead of the pain on his left hand, and his caparbiety brought him to the top of the box in 300cc category.
Riccardo in those two races had to fight with his physical problems.

Talavera De La Reina - 28/29 th of May 2016

After a long week dedicated to the fisical rehability of Michele and Riccardo, recovery necessary to give their best in the two races of 25 minutes, the two riders have finished in 14° and 17° positions in the motocross track "Cerro Negro" in Talavera De La Reina. Those results could not be repeated on Sunday because the track was less selective and there were less possibility to pass thought  than the day before.
From now there are two weeks from the next race in San Severino Marche for the fourth round of the Italian Championship.
Team 505 hopes to fix all the fisical problems of the two top riders.