On May 12, 2016 E.C.O. Italia hosted two classes of Keynes Institute of Castel Maggiore.

The initiative is part of a project organized in collaboration with Keynes Institute and Consulta Attività Produttive of  Castel Maggiore and aims to introduce students to the professional world giving them the opportunity to meet local enterpreneurs who talks about their daily experience on field focusing on specific topics.

 In the conference hall of the new headquarters of Via Anna Magnani the students, after watching the corporate video, listened to Ermanno Cortesi, of Studio Cortesi, who offered an overview of the main Quality Certifications, and then to  Dr. Maria Lidia Mazzoni, President of ECO Italia, who described the experience of the Company.

Briefly retracing the steps that led the company to implement the current quality system UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, Mrs Mazzoni has offered to the students a slice of "everyday business life" through case studies, highlighting how  the implementatio of an efficient Quality system makes possible to monitor, optimize and then better manage the company's activities, making the business processes more transparent and the relationships with customers and suppliers traceable. She also stressed that a Quality certification is a real need since many companies, especially if well structured, specifically request certain certifications to their suppliers in order to keep professional / commercial relations.

A challenging experience for both the students and the speakers,whisihing it will be useful for explaining to students  what modern companies need and which kind of professional skills are nowadays required.