Notizie dal TEAM 505

Report of the I  stage of the European EMX 300 Championship and II fo the Italian League

Monday , Mach 28 th  - Valkenswaard  NL

The first stage of European Championship took place in the tricky sand of Netherland, with about 57 riders participants.
  The difficulties of the suspension setup which had already caused trouble, recurred also during the race, forcing both drivers out of the points.
Things got better in the second race, with Michele who, thanks to a  good feeling with the track, has made a good start and has mantained the pace that allowed him to finish in 6th place resulting, among other things,  the best Italian driver.
Also for Riccardo a good trial,narrowly missing out on points.

A very positive experience that allowed the team  to better understand  where to work to be competitive!

Sunday, April 3 rd -  Maggiora
The second stage of the Italian Championship was rather tricky for Riccardo, who failed to qualify and remained in group B.
To the contrary Michele raced an excellent competition with a 6th final place.

During the second day of the race, Riccardo managed to win the 3rd place in Group B and 1st place in the second half.
As regards Michele, he disputed a difficult race for a not perfec set up on the hard ground of Maggiora..
Despite this problem, Michele succeeded to take home the 3rd place in the category 300.