FIERAGRICOLA DI VERONA: the future of agriculture

The first appointment of 2016 for E.C.O. Italia has been Fieragricola di Verona.

First engagement of the year and first experience of participation in FIERAGRICOLA for E.C.O. Italia, that considers  the agricultural sector an interesting and growing market. No coincidence that the turnout at the event was high and especially qualified: visitors with specific interests and very motivated.

The agricultural sector is experiencing a rapid evolution and specialization: agricultural operators are now  professionists, with both agricultural and mechanical skills. Regulatory complexity which governs all industry sectors, also makes them particularly  receptive to technologies and prudent investment.

For these aspects E.C.O. Italia has decided to be at FIERAGRICOLA together with PANOLIN: the characteristics of PANOLIN lubricants,  especially their  biodegradability,  make them particularly suitable for use in environments where it is necessary to minimize the risk of soil pollution.

Thanks also to OFFICINEB-Agrimac with whom we shared this experience.