PRO AL Racing Team

Predappio, July 15ht 2015

5th round of the Italian motorally marked by heat wave ! The motorcycle clubs, previously alerted to weather conditions, had drawn a race of only 150 km so as not to increase the already great burden due to the heat! The race, which took place on a path of just 150 km no consideration of the weather conditions are particularly difficult, was held on 3 special tracks: two special of 13 km and one of 10 km. After a few km transfer, the first race started, very dusty and therefore extremely risky approach of the riders ahead. This stage was not particularly difficult, at least until the so-called "Campo", an uncoltivated hilly area,where, due to a series of errors of navigation,  our two drivers receded respectively in 35rd (Roberto)  and 53rd (Fulvio) place . Other errors in the second special  contributed to a further downgrading of Roberto in 35th place. Unfortunately the third special stage proved problematic, but, despite a number of errors, the day ended with the 26th place of Roberto and the 104th of Fulvio.
A pity because in the end the podium in class for Roberto wasn't too far away and with few mistakes he could do better than the 26 th overall and 4th class. Fulvio because of the problem of the last part concluded his performance receding  in absolute and 15th class.
The next race will be the last round of CIMR and will take place in Castel di Sangro on Septempber 12th  and 13th.