Lady enduro


Along with the 3rd round of regione Lombardia, Sunday, June 14 also took place the 4th round of Regione Piemonte Championship in  Bagnasco (Cuneo), organized by the Moto Club Ceva.

Due to study / work / holiday / family commitments only two Ladies took part to the start (but two of those tough): our captain Anna Sappino [MC Altaserra] and the reigning champion Alessia Signetti - motorcycle club Alfieri.
The girls in the race were 3 because, actually, being this stage common to the championship of Liguria, there was also Giulia Garibaldi - MOTOCLUB CALVARI -  tenacious and always smiling.

The path was characterized by heavy rain, fallen in the previous days and continued throughout the first part of the race.

First enduro test and first head-to-head between our two riders: Alessia , aggressive, won the test with more than two-second gap on Madamin.
Despite the good half clocked , this first line was fatal for the Lady of the Langhe; This is how she herself has described the incident:
"... I gave a handful of gas because I was finishing straight in the trees and while I threw my foot to straighten me the knee just twisted with the bike!"
Result: a strong pain that did not allow her to continue the competition and today the outcome of the RNM talks about broken cruciate   and  probable meniscus = forced stop for a few months
Race completed instead for Anna, who wins in solitary therefore consolidaties her leadership in the championship.

We are certain that you will not keep Alessia stops for too long: by the pool or riding a bike,we  will meet again soon to train. Never give up !