Resoconto 3° prova di campionato

May has been a very busy month with Lady Enduro engaged in many races, the most important of which  was the 3rd round of the Under23/senior Italian Enduro Championship   in San Marcello Pistoiese (PT) Sunday 24.
A genuine enduro race, both for the characteristic of the circuit and  for the transfer traits, but, due to three days of almost uninterrupted rain, the race has became more complicated and expecially the the extreme test has become a sort of "Hell's gate"
Difficult for the organization to manage the race made more difficult by bad weather: the round (to be repeated three times) has been reduced to 35km and the extreme test was made to try on the first lap, timed to the second and canceled (but left as path) in the third.
Unfortunately, both during the course and in the special, different "caps" have caused major delays (later deleted) and measured times very comparable.

Apart from this, all of our girls had the opportunity of measuring themselves  in a  "true" enduro race and had to brush up  on as ... push the bike !!! The effort has indeed made greater satisfaction to bring the bike in the park closed at the end of the day!

Overall we are proud of the results obtained, with Anna Sappino who can not stay away from the podium and lost for a very little the second place; fourth Alessia Signetti ;  following Raissa Newfoundland, Susanna Grasso and Maria Teresa Belgiovine that close the race collecting important points for the championship. Unfortunately, an accident on the last lap, although without serious consequences, he had to stop Serena Ghione: a good reason to give her best in Varzi, next July.