Ottimo inizio stagione per le Ladies

REPORT of LADY ENDURO First race – Ottobiano March 28/29
It was the international circuit Ottobiano to kick off the season by hosting in the weekend of 28/29 March, the first tests of the Italian Championships Minienduro and Under23 \ Senior.

Many changes in this  Champioships both in the  formula of this race and in the choice of the  track -  South Milano - in  Ottobiano. The Under23 Championship race, divided into two days, differently from the usual tests of enduro,  did not provide transfer but only two special stages, that had been run by all categories.
Also the young riders of minienduro , and our rider Elisa Givonetti with them, run the same track.
The main event of the weekend was definitely the night test on Saturday night , held by  12 girls who had to run the track six times! The best performance of the evening for the Lady Enduro Project was Alessia Signetti, who got the third position
Coming to the results ... we can definitely say that the trial has ended GREAT for our Lady Project thanks to the first position of the podium of our Manager and freshly mother Anna Sappino (unsurpassed even when untrained) , second Cristina Marocco, and third the young and scrappy Raissa Terranova !
6th position for Alessia Signetti, 7th  for Serena Ghione, 8th  for Susanna Grasso, Paola Veronelli 9th, 11th and 12th for Elisa Maria Teresa Belgiovine Caronni in his first race of Italian!
Really good and brave also our "miniendurista" Elisa Givonetti , who arrived 23rd in the mixed class rookie, leaving behind her a lot of boys.
The formula of the race has caused a lot of confusion between the pilots both for  the real nature "enduro" of the event,  both for the organization of the spaces and times of the race.
It has been a good race, after all, especially as it has given a good visibility to the Championships, to all teams and  to the sponsors as well.

The visibility that acquired our project is all thanks to all those sponsors who believed in us and are supporting our team!

We therefore take this opportunity, at the beginning of this new season, to thank you!