KLIMAENERGY, which took place in Bolzano from 20 to 22 Sptember,  has become a fixed appointment for E.C.O. Italia S.r.l.
E.C.O. Italia,   very  sensitive to environmental and sustainability issues, attended the event with PANOLIN INT,  his partner and leader in the production of environmentally friendly lubricants: a further significant opportunity to witness the commitment to protect the environment and respect for nature combined with the highest technical performance.

For the first time in Italy,   at Klimaenergy ECO Italy presented the microfiltration system Kleenoil.
This is an innovative system, which offers numerous advantages in hydraulic systems and which helps to preserve the machines in perfect condition thanks to the 'perfect filtering action.

Klleenoil by-pass microfiltration system effectively cleans up the grease by capturing the solid scattered contaminants and by absorbing fractions of water so as to avoid failures, loss of performance, high heating of the lubricant and breaks in hydraulic systems.
Only by allowing a real and deep cleaning of the system, you can switch to the concept of integrated fluid, in which the frequent oil change is replaced by microfiltration, more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

This method significantly contributes to the reduction of production, storage, disposal of a product as the lubricant that is "co2responsible".

E.C.O. Italia therefore pursues its policy of innovation and respect for the environment, enriching its offer with good, sustainable, technologically advanced products and solutions to satisfy the needs of a changing market.

See you at Salone Nautico in Genoa and Ecomondo.