OMC 2017

OMC 2017: the green future on the Mediterranean

With a considerable increase of visitors on the first day (+ 20% compared to the first opening day of last ediizione), OMC can be considered the most important event of the offshore and marine industry, not only in Italy but throughout the Mediterranean basin.
On the opening day, the Italian Minister of Economic  Italian Minister of Economic Development, the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum, one of the Cyprus Energy Resources, and some of the most prominent Italian and European comanies (ENI and EDISON) spoke of the strategic choices that want to operate in the Mediterranean area  and in particular of green investments that will be made by both public  and private operators to ensure lasting sustainability throughout the area.
The future of the offshore marine industry is therefore in the direction of green sustainable, eco-friendly technology. The sector in which E.C.O. Italia operates and, for this reason,  of course E.C.O. Itaia together with PANOLIN participated in OMC.
Also for this edition the number of visitors to the stand has been large and this testify the  considerable interest in ecological synthetic lubrication and in KLEENOIL microfiltration systems.
Facts and figures at the end of the trade show are both very positive: the effort in years of efforts to develope a new culture in a sector, the one of industrial lubrication, which very few know and where very few have invested, is finally bearing good results, and we  are confident that these results are set to grow because we believe in our work and put passion in what we do.
See you at the next edition of the OMC in 2019!