Consulting services
Our sales personnel undergo regular technical training, and provide you with on-the-spot expertise.
For complex matters or inquiries by telephone, our technical helpdesk is at your service. Thanks to our accumulated know-how and long-standing experience, we can always find the right solution for your needs.
We have a vast array of specialized literature, operating manuals, quality compability data, etc. at our disposal, as well as all the resources of our modern laboratory facilities.

Apart from strict control of our manufacturing processes and product quality, the PANOLIN laboratory also carries out product lifetime checks and routine analyses. Another important activity is decyphering complex chemical formulae to develop the custom-tailored lubricants we supply for special applications.

Product development
Our close market contact gives us first-hand knowledge of customer needs, environmental and economic requirements. This constitutes a fertile breeding ground for new ideas, whose development to market maturity is the core competence of our laboratory specialists. With their ingenuity, innovative PANOLIN lubricants are developed from a wide variety of ingredients using the latest technologies.